Walleah Press


Famous Reporter


quiet sunday afternoon
the unexpected guest
takes my chair
winter evening alone
your watch by the bathtub
dry summer heat
choosing the ripest peach
from the blue bowl
                              (famous reporter 27 : June 2003)
sea breeze
my shadow hovers
on the ocean floor
easy silence
taking the bunch of keys
warm from your hand
spring morning
painted on the footpath:
proposed tree
empty house:
three seedpods ripen
on the windowsill

(famous reporter 30 : December 2004)

still winter
in the dried-out pots
freesia shoots appear
alone all day
                    a pale half-moon already risen

                                        (famous reporter 34 : December 2006)


desert town
a flowering gum
yellow wih bees
in one corner
a red square of rat poison -
silent classroom
morning appointment:
pieces of my hair
tangled in the broom

(famous reporter 38 : December 2008)



Jane Gibian is a Sydney poet. She works as a librarian, and teaches Vietnamese and TESOL.