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Famous Reporter


Sky Wheel_
white pigeons streak past
our cage
nectarine buds
  too late to regret
  the hot pink dress
morning moon
  a spider staggers away
with her egg-case
first sunny day -
  children and gulls take turns
  in the puddle
a silver hair
  woven into the nest
winter light

[famous reporter 39 : Jun 09]



full moon
the sideshow alley clowns
polite ‘good mornings’
from a building crew
… autumn
rehab courtyard
a dry leaf shuffles
in circles

[famous reporter 35 : Jun 07]



cold night
the breath of children
being dragons
the drift
of hot-air balloons -
a leaf lets go
clouded sun -
his old tweed coat
in shades of grey
heavy fog
a camellia blossom
falls apart
sunless sky -
ripe lemons outside
the breast clinic

[famous reporter 34 : Dec 06]



christmas rush -
the thud of unpicked
cherry plums
brisk wind
the sky scoured blac
to blue
window crystal
a rainbow floats across
the dishwater

[famous reporter 32 : Mar 06]


river sunrise -
a girl's shadow
                swims from my ankles
transplanted peppermint
clinging to my fingers
                the scent of river
my electrician smiles -
even the cobwebs
summertime -
I wash nicotine stains
from the clock face
half moon -
she turns her pale face
to the darkness

                        [famous reporter 31 : Jun 05]

LORIN FORD continues to write haiku and longer poems in Brunswick, Victoria. Her haiku book, a wattle seedpod, [published July 2008] is available from Post Pressed or contact Lorin at lorin_ford at hotmail.com