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Famous Reporter 41 : July 2010



Famous Reporter 41




Geršur Kristnż
 Two poems


Hole in the Ice
Drift ice in your eyes
hoarfrost in your heart
your hands
untamed sled dogs
above us
a moon poises
amid stars
surrounded by holes
made by darts that strayed
Patriotic Poem
The cold makes me
a lair from fear
places a pillow of
downy drift
under my head
a blanket of snow
to swaddle me in
I’d lay my ear to
the cracking of the ice
in the hope of hearing it
if I didn’t know
I’d be frozen fast
The ice lets no one go
My country
a spread deathbed
my initials stitched
on the icy linen

Geršur Kristnż is one of the most active writers on the Icelandic literary scene. She is mainly known for her poetry and children’s books, but also writes novels, plays and short stories. Her poetry has been translated into languages that include German, English and Finnish. In 2007 her collection of poems, Höggstašur (A Weak Spot) was nominated for the Icelandic Literature Prize 2007.