[June 2008]




Walleah Press




All these things

All these things, artefacts, objects
some of exquisite glass
patterned with beauty ...
All our redemptive art
weighed in the scales
like a heap of gemstones
shovelled by the bucket-load
from a mine in the sky
          not one
will add
          to this loss.
You are too far gone into that far country,
rainless, where time is caught in glass
in spiderwebs
of fine print.

Anne Kellas' first book of poetry, Poems from Mt Moono, was published by Hippogriffe Press in 1989; her second collection, Isolated States, by Cornford Press in 2001. In 2004 she established Roaring Forties Press, which has since published the posthumous collection of poetry by Lionel Abrahrams, Class Theory of the Heart (produced in conjunction with Jacana Media in Johannesburg), and the Australian short story-writer Geoffrey Dean's seventh collection, The Literary Lunch.