A national survey reports one quarter of adults

           Experience off-the-Richter-scale loneliness

(Easy peasy)

As the lonely-sensitive brain archives threats,

      Social relationships or intimate betrayals,

               Compared to nonlonelies who seek relational integration


Our architects of loneliness blueprint structures and underlying proteins

   Which translate "I knew it was coming"

as a plus (+) or minus (-) verdict

                               Prisoner’s dilemma


Hostage #3 pacifies her social pain

    Survival depends on collective ability


Her behavior controlled by tweeters or a high frequency console

   The fatal production that induces belief in mirages

  And heightened microawakenings


    Organized tourism buses with cybernetic prostheses

  Cross state lines to "New Life"

Dead-ended by the cul de sac "Need"


The group of lonelies tours a Tastee Snack factory, psycho-physically

      Exhausted, propensity toward ecstasy, pilgrimage

   For heroic existance. But these petit mort yield no resolution

And day-trippers not comfortable with sunyata

Continue suffocation.

  Sentiment constructs archaeological layers of consciousness,

  Sentient Creatures.

  Sedimentary particles of telematic energy

Or invisible tele-beings (ghost friends)

As temporary artificial surface

    Imperative for the future of loneliness and its social intention.



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