The smell of muddy water
over the nineteen mile is etched in my mind.
Taste of cod and yella belly.
The Edward’s, West’s, Thorne’s and Shanney’s.
Alf, the merry man.
My mother’s love - and sickness.
PJ’s matchbox cars.
The Aboriginal Inland Mission.
Vulla wundunna..... We’d sing it in the old Koori lingo.
He sends the rainbow, the lovely rainbow.
Uncle Bob preachin Rice Bottles, Rice Bottles.
His boxes of bubble gum and footy cards that we flogged.
Mr. Faulkner playin the organ.
The camp gauge bottle sitting on it.
Mum and Georgia trudgin up Mount Oxley in the heat.
Aunty Joan not far behind. Lollie, Mooshie, Joycie
and Theresa all laughin when I fell off Alfie’s car.
Doctor Davies prodding me in the kidneys.
Hospital desserts.
Catchin booglies by the Mitchell in two foot of water.
Strollin along the levy with torches lookin for snakes
during the big flood.
A bend in the bridge out North. Big Aunty Dot from there.
A windblown kiss from Susie C.
Orbells and empty coke bottles for ten cents pool money.
Our house up from the reserve.
Aunty Edna in a shed near the river.
Golden Syrup on a slice of bread.
Shorty, Scruffy, Sooty, and Boornt.
Creggy toes and gwangy legs.
Scurry the bus driver. The motor bike that ran into us.
A green HR, a cream HK, a brown Val and a blue Cortina.
A Red Zed with C of A on the number plate.
Mum’s tears - and mine.
The name of the welfare man
who took me from her.