Die as much as you want. An inch
at a time or all at once, it doesn't matter. Your conviction
that the new Human Tissue Bill will somehow protect you
is a delusion. Take it from me, I know. It's
not for nothing that I've been an envoy to the Mahdi
for the past two years. Here to save us
from ourselves, his army's contribution
to our once-beautiful city is, according
to a recent poll, extremely disappointing, that
contribution having been, to date, one point two
million black parasols, one
for every male citizen. If only
it would rain. What a sight for sore eyes
it would be to watch those parasols blossoming
up & down the length of the Avenue Foch. Fat
chance. The drought
is here to stay. It's only a matter of time
before we pack our bags and head inland
to the great fresh water sea that supposedly covers
the heart of our continent. A rumour? Do you
know anyone who has actually seen it? I don't. Harry Kline
in his seminal work, Paradise Now, describes that sea
in detail - abundant with fish, barges poled by djinns
who are delighted to attend to your every need, etc. But
is Harry to be believed? What if he's sold out, become
another of the Mahdi's innumerable stooges? Considering
how quickly his book rose (was pushed) to the top
of the best-seller list, I'd say he probably is. All
things considered, if I were you
I'd do it all at once.