I will begin with a sin

that's where everything begins
apples/ egos
to a girl called Marilyn
nude for a calendar
dead for a President
conspiracies prosper
no gender shame/ reputations to blame
...and the sin goes on

should I run backwards/ meet up myself
start over again
rather than fail with the King on a roll
free will/ freewheeling
down the drugged out/ rocked out hellway
life was good...back
in the midnight days
swinging on rope petticoats
bee-hives pushing a hole in the ozone

in the puritan now after we preach to our children
drag them screaming in a chocolate tantrum
away from the Easter Bunny
shut the door on the Tooth Fairy
shatter the Santa Claus myth
while we...wait with a towel
for Harold Holt to return from his swim

conscience runs in a straight line
plotted by democracy
I have a voice/ but no tune
any excuse will do
accents turn to ashes/ roses bloom as lilies
out there in the powder blue
shot with fire/ the sun sets
lest we forget

fold back the tears/ keep the cheeks dry
in case we win the war
time enough to cry
for the flowers trampled
bruised fruit on rotting trees
those we thought brave/ self bereaved

hating the day...when
truth will have to confess it was wrong
but...we knew
and the sin goes on
...la de da de de/ la de da de da