What do you remember?
Breaking the line
in a queue/ scoring
scalped tickets below cost/ a ball signed by
American baseball players
crowds ringing the circcus/ handstands in the infield.

How were you breathing?
Maximums and measures/ a hundredth of a second
touch and score/ breathing fast/ as sex
flight of a javelin.

What can be gathered up inside?
What the eye can't see/ magnificent screens
reply and replay/ the crowd a big boxer
punch drunk.

Did your favourites win or lose?
A hundredth of their effort/ the money on their shoes
When she put her hands on your shoulders?
You lowered the camera
she left the stadium with the team.

It is all a kind of water/ body as pump
the skin is a screen/ everyone sees that part
even the heart is readable/ in part.
She left the stadium with a medal
you left/ the impression
her hands/ the seconds/ on your shoulder.

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