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Poverty in Hobart (Winter, 1992)

it's so cold here
i wrote to my friend
it's so cold
that one morning
i turned on the oven
and griller
full blast
the children said
you're crazy
i didn't tell them
i'd tried to turn
the fridge around
- the heat from the motor
you know -
but it wouldn't budge

now i'm sitting
in front of the fireplace
a glass of red
old music playing
paper and pen
the glow of the flames
the sound and smell
of the wood burning
what comfort!
what warmth!
if i stare long enough

but don't worry
i've checked out my entitlements
now that i have
a pensioner concession card
and guess what?
i can get free firewood
from the forestry commission
just need some way of getting
god knows where
a means of transporting
the precious cargo
and the ability to chop the wood
than the size
of a tree