Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to submit a debut poetry collection?
Emerging poets—Australian residents—who’ve not yet published a poetry collection in either full-length or chapbook form.

What is the preferred number of pages per submission?
Ideally, between 30 and 90 A5 pages in length. Manuscript submissions should be emailed to ralph.wessman@walleahpress.com.au as a word file (or libreoffice) attachment. (No need to style the document in a particular font, as the book will be typeset and styled inhouse). A bio is required, as is a synopsis (for online use – information about / description of the book – should it be accepted for publication).

Is there a charge for submitting a debut poetry manuscript to Walleah Press?
No, it's free.

Will authors who successfully submit a manuscript for publication receive complimentary copies of their book on publication?
Yes, ten copies.

Is there a submission deadline?

Why is there a requirement for authors to supply a residential rather than a P.O. box address?
Walleah Press publications are printed by Lightning Source, based in Melbourne, who use courier services for the delivery of their orders. While courier service delivery to a P.O. box address is possible, the disparity between the cost of delivery to residential addresses as opposed to P.O. box addresses, can be substantial — depending on the quantities involved, sometimes hundreds of dollars.

What is the general timeframe between submission and publication?
Ideally, acceptances are offered within three months of manuscript submission, and publication within the following six months; so, nine months between the initial receipt of a submission and publication.