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Never So Violent
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Launch speeches

(Liz Winfield's launch of) Anne Collins' poetry collection The Season of Chance, Hobart, 9th Aug 2005
Launch: Blue giraffe 6, Hobart, 2nd Dec 2007


'Island' magazine # 69 (1996)
Liz Winfield's Too Much Happens, (Cornford Press, 2003)
'Blast' no. 9—Poetry and Critical Writing

Anne Collins Anne Collins is a published poet, prose writer and editor. Anne's four poetry books are The Language of Water; Seasoned with Honey; The Season of Chance; and How to Belong. She has also published a collection of prose and poetry: My Friends This Landscape. Her recently completed manuscript of poetry and prose with a Spanish theme is currently under consideration. Other individual works have been published in journals, newspapers and anthologies. Anne has been the recipient of awards, grants and residencies, and has collaborated with other writers, musicians and visual artists.