December 2001




walleah press



Jenny Barnard, Helen Bascand, Alma E Bird, John Bird, Janice M. Bostok, Jill Cartwright, Stewart Collie, ross coward, Ross Figgins, Jim Kacian, Peter Macrow, Ron Moss, Joanna Preston, Vanessa Proctor, Lyn Reeves, Carla Sari, Rita Summers, Carol Toogood, Judith Walsh, John Ward

Sherryl Clark, Anne Morgan, Olga Pavlinova

May Carroll - I wanted to throw your things out on the lawn, (poetry collection, Cornford Press), reviewed by Eric Beach
MTC Cronin - Bestseller, (poetry collection, Vagabond Press, PO Box 80, Newtown 2042, reviewed by Robyn Mathison
Anne Kellas - Isolated States Cornford Press), reviewed by Kevin Brophy
Ioana Petrescu - Fumigated, (poetry collection, Ginninderra Press), reviewed by John De Laine
Karen Knight - Singing in the Grain, (poetry chapbook, Walleah Press, PO Box 368, North Hobart Tasmania 7002), reviewed by Peter Macrow
Christobel Mattingley - King of the Wilderness, the life of Deny King (Text publishing), reviewed by Jacqueline Cooke
Homer Rieth - The Dining Car Scene, (poetry collection, Black Pepper Press, 403 St Georges Rd North,Fitzroy VIC 3068), reviewed by Tim Thorne
Henry Reynolds - An indelible stain? The question of genocide in Australia's history, (Viking Penguin, 487 Maroondah Highway Ringwood, Victoria 3134), reviewed by Tony Rayner
Five Islands Press New poets Series 8 (Lesley Fowler, Terry Jaensch, Cate Kennedy, David Kirkby, Sheridan
Linnell, Shen), reviewed by Mark O'Flynn

1. Jordie Albiston
2. Douglas Lockhart

100 word segment
Kevin Gillam, Kathryn Hamann, Mary Jenkins, Marlene Marburg, Rhonda Poholke, Estelle Randall, Carol Toogood, Margeurite Varday, Nell Wilson,

Mairead Byrne - Femininity in poetry
Berenice Eastman, Hoa Pham, John West - Snippets from the Tasmanian Readers & Writers Festival, August 2001
Geraldine Monk - Egos and Authors
Michael Peverett - Avant-garde tradition
Michael Peverett - A note on religious literature
David Prater, Rob Riel - Bush vs city poets / bush poetry

Willow Aliento, Chris Andrews, Eric Beach, Martin Bennett, Tony Beyer, Ken Bolton, Margaret Bradstock, James Charlton, Anne Collins, Martin Downey, Michael Farrell, Bill Fewer, Carolyn Fisher, Leigh Fromharder, Fran Graham, Jill Jones, Anne Kellas, Cath Kenneally, Yve Louis, David Lumsden, Sean McCarthy, Shane McCauley, Katarina Mahnic, Andrew Milson, Wendy Morgan, Jan Owen, [[pi]].O., Jim Paterson, Andrew Peek, Sheryl Persson, Maureen Power, Saxby Pridmore, Lyn Reeves, Stuart Solman, Susan Stanford, Elizabeth Stephens, Adam Stokell, Virgil Suarez, Bill Walker, John West, Les Wicks, David Winwood, Ouyang Yu

Joe Cato - Tues Sept 11th, 8.50am
Rachel Cunneen - On Being a Bleeding Heart (reflections on the Tampa crisis)
Pete Hay - 'Notes within Shadow'
Parry Kostoglou - Camp Wannagohome, Heard Island (five months in the Antarctic)
Lawrence Upton - Regarding Timothy McVeigh

1. Harriet & Stella McDonald - The Island Chronicles
2. Ralph Wessman - Recent publications (notes on Island 86, Moorilla Mosaic, Meanjin 3/2001, Phil Brown/An Accident in the Evening, Overland 163 and 164, Selwyn Pritchard/Letters and Characters, Going Down Swinging, Hecate, Interior Despots, Kathryn Lomer/The god in the ink, Shelley O'Reilly/Dying for Beauty, Bob Brown/The Valley of the Giants)

Launch speech
Philomena van Rijswijk - Rattling the Cage, short story collection by Morag Kirk (Esperance Press) launched Hobart, July 2001