FAMOUS REPORTER 17 - June 1998



Famous Reporter

Walleah Press


haiku by...

Kirsten Bishop, janice m. bostok, Jennifer Chrystie, Ross Clark, Bernard Gadd, eric l. houck jr., Marshall Hryciuk, Catherine Mair, Lorraine Marwood, Patricia Prime, Estelle Randall, Janet Reinhardt, Carla Sari, Susan Stanford, Marylee Valentine

articles & prose...

Dominique Hecq, Cate Kennedy, Parry Kostoglou, Alfred Marks, Mal Morgan, Neal Rodwell, Mareya Schmidt, Liz Winfield


John Allison, Joe Amato, Connie Barber, Karlien van den Beukel, Fiona Cooke, Bill Cotter, Michael Crane, Carol Easton, Eleven, Brook Emery, Michael Farrell, Kevin Gillam, Benjamin Gilmour, Rory Harris, Pete Hay, Kevin Killian, Christina Kirkpatrick, Colin Knight, Norma Knight, Jules Leigh Koch, Kher-Shing Lee, Lyn McCredden, Clare Mahoney, Lissa Mitchell, Louise Oxley, Ioana Petrescu, Kevin Roberts, Tina Ruusula, Brendan Ryan, Sandra Seth, Andrea Sherwood, Tim Thorne, Melodee Unthank, John West, Ouyang Yu


Anne Collins: Hecate/The Australian Women's Book Review
Brian Henry: At the Site of Inside Out by Anna Rabinowitz
Marilyn Arnold: Island # 72/73
Megan Schaffner: New And Selected Poems by Anthony Lawrence
Tim Thorne: Nitty Gritty by Les Wicks
David Jack: Ulitarra # 12
Louise Oxley: Album of Domestic Exiles by Andrew Sant
Chloe Roe: Extracts from The Jerusalem Archives by John Knight

One hundred word poetry & prose segment...

Helen Annand, Jacqueline Cooke, Wendy Ratawa, Rob Riel, Tracey Rolfe, Carla Sari


Has "God" a meaning? - Susan Jesudason, Kevin Brophy, Paul Donohue, Marilyn Arnold
The nature of 'economic rationalism' - Robin Loftus, Catherine Pratt, Nathan Duhig
Reconciliation - Chris Floyd, meika von samorzewski, Terry Whitebeach
Hecate - Carole Ferrier
Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement - Jamie Kirkpatrick
What price political romanticism? - David Bromige, Natasha Stott Despoja
Faith and relativistic modernity - Ian Stubbs, Douglas Lockhart
Changes in 'conservation' - Kevin Kiernan


Andrea Brady, David Bromige, Sara Douglass, Debbie Gaunt, David Graham, Anne Kellas, Anthony Lawrence, Philip Neilsen, Tim Thorne, Lawrence Upton