December 1997




walleah press





John Allison, Henry Gould, Saxby Pridmore, John West, Bill Fewer, Julie Hunt, Brian Henry, Colin Knight, Jeff Guess, Mick Searles, Rory Harris, Robert Cox, Karen Knight, Stephen Mallick, Sue Moss, Peter Bakowski, Melodee Unthank, Carolyn Tetaz, Benjamin Gilmour, Petr Hunt, MTC Cronin, Janet Reinhardt, Kevin Roberts, Ouyang Yu, John Kinsella, Louise Oxley, Stephen Edgar


Jenna Mead's Bodyjamming (essays edited by Jenna Mead)
Alan Wearne's Kicking in Danger
Eremos (journal)
Island (Winter 1997), Siglo (Winter 1997) - journals
Richard Flanagan's The Sound of One Hand Clapping
Tinfish # 4 (journal)
Sarah Day's Quickening
Tim Thorne's Taking Queen Victoria to Inveresk


Patrick Pritchett, Pete Schaeffer, Rebecca Weldon, Karlien van den Beukel


Patricia Prime, Chris Newton, Ann Hastings, John West, Carla Sari, Ernest J Berry, Lorraine Marwood, Kirsten Bishop, Jane Williams, Margaret Knight, Bernadd Gadd, Colin Knight, janice m. bostok, Neal Rodwell, Mary Hind, Susan Stanford, Cecily Stanton, Catherine Mair, Cornelis Vleeskens


Jenny Lee, Philip Mead, Martin Ball, Magazine Aesthetics
Ken Spillman, Boys to Men
Robert Bell, Greg Blake, Mick Brown, Barry Chipman, Simon Cubit, Ian Dickenson, Nigel Foss, Barney Roberts, Evan R. Rolley, Peter Taylor, Bart Wisse, Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement

prose and articles...

Matt Simpson, To Tasmania with Mrs Meredith
Mark O'Flynn, The Secret Room
Jacqueline Cooke, 1970 - The South of France et le Grand Pecheur
Mareya & Peter Schmidt, Ozlit: the Website
Kate Whitfield, The Underwater Desert
Ralph Wessman, A Foot in Both Camps
Geoffrey Dean, Publishing: What I Would Have Said Had I Been Asked
Liz Winfield, Aftertaste

100 word prose & poems...

       Rhonda Poholke, Norma Knight, Cate Kennedy, Phyllis Sigg, Frances Martin, Gillian Neale,
       Marylee Valentine