… we were confirmed in our understanding that the world’s biggest companies, including Exxon, have known for decades … the harm fossil fuels is doing to humans and our atmosphere, but they press ahead anyway.

We heard about compliant governments, particularly in the USA, who create laws and trade deals that foster the use of these fuels. About how our own government signed the climate change deal in Paris (which is already out of date in any case – the much-touted 2C limit has already been surpassed) while in the same week it was approving the world’s largest coal mine.

By Elizabeth Fleetwood; more at Tasmanian Times, 25th April 2016

World ‘one step closer’ to climate deal: Obama

Australia, the world’s heaviest per capita polluter, is attempting to rush legislation through parliament curbing emissions ahead of the Copenhagen talks, which aim to clinch a global treaty to replace the Kyoto Protocol before it expires in 2012.
India, China and other developing nations have been pressing for Western nations to offer technology and other support to help them reduce the intensity of emissions blamed for global warming.
But the emerging economies have resisted legally binding requirements, saying that wealthy nations, not them, bear the historic responsibility for carbon emissions.
The European Union has vowed to reduce its emissions by 20 per cent from 1990 levels before 2020, raising the target to 30 per cent in the event of an international agreement. Japan has offered 25 per cent but attached conditions.

Further reading, at The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 November 2009