Somewhere in trying to cross the cosmic divide that lay between being a six-year-old poet and a great writer, I stopped worrying about it. I accepted that I would never write like Faulkner or Eliot or Zola or Morrison or Murakami. I couldn’t write like Peter Carey or Helen Garner or Amy Witting or Thea Astley or Patrick White or Tim Winton.

I want nothing more than to continue to write, but nothing is more difficult for me than writing.

Once I received a royalty cheque for it for 57 cents. It came in a 60-cent envelope.

Winning this year’s Stella prize means I have been financially rewarded for my work. But even more than the incredible prize money is the sense of encouragement and acknowledgement that will stay with me all my days.

[Heather Rose, from her Stella Prize acceptance speech for the novel The Museum of Modern Love:, The Guardian, 19th April 2017]


Transportation Press, a publisher based out of Tasmania Australia, haS published two anthologies. The first collection featured writers & editors from London & Tasmania; the second a collaboration between Tasmanian, UK, and Iranian writers and editors.

The press has now launched an international microfiction competition.

“Smoke, international microfiction competition open to everyone. $800 AUD worth of prizes for work of up to 320 words. Entries close April 30, no theme, just your best work. $5AUD entry fee.

For more information:
Sponsored by Fullers Bookshop”

Transportation Press is a self funded and independent publisher with two international collaborations under its belt. Any proceeds from the competition will go towards their third book, featuring writers from Iran, India, Tasmania and Burma.


Over the past two months, the Five Islands Press website and Ron Pretty Poetry Prize entry page have been down at least twice. This is fixed now. But the Press wants to offer poets more time to enter the prize.

Entry has been extended until 22 November 2016.

With this new deadline, the long list will now be announced on 21 January 2017.

The short list will be announced on 31 January 2017.

The prize winner will be announced at an event on 3 March 2017.

First Prize: $5000
Second Prize: $1500
Third Prize: $750

Judge: Ron Pretty

The prize will be awarded to a single poem of up to 30 lines, and is open to anyone over the age of 18 years, including overseas applicants.

Entry fee is $25 for the first poem and $10 for subsequent poems. There are no limits on entries. Online submissions only. Enter here.