Daradgee, published by Walleah Press (Tasmania, Australia) is a new, online website seeking to publish creative work by younger artists & writers, 7 to 17.

We appreciate many forms of writing: stories, poems, limericks etc, use your imagination :) We also accept drawings, photographs, sketchs etc.


Please send written work to us as a Word file, a Word docx file, an rtf file or pdf attachment.

Send artwork - drawings, photographs, illustrations - as jpg file attachments, preferably between 100 and 500 KB in size.


Please send no more than three entries (writing and/or drawings, photographs, illustrations) at a time ... we’re busy people too :)

If your work is chosen for publication, we’d appreciate a brief biography – something creative, or perhaps your age, where you live, something about yourself, your writing & artwork, whether you've been published before? – of around thirty to fifty words.

It costs nothing to send artwork and writing to us for consideration, and - if chosen - for publication. But at the same time – sorry! – we don’t offer payment for work we publish.

Please involve your parents, a teacher or someone older before sending work to Younger Writers. Artwork and writing can be emailed to daradgee@walleahpress.com.au - remember, please send writing as a Word file, a Word docx file, an rtf file or pdf attachment, and artwork as a jpg attachment, with your email.