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               JUDY GAUDET


Owl Walk at MacPhail Woods

silently the stars look down
and the owl looks down
on our whispered visit
to the world of birds and night
we look up
an ancient tree connects us
height and depth
night and soul
silence and awe
that was the plan
but in fact
no owl came
though we hooted and a hundred
little hoots echoed back
children’s hoots
and stomps across the bridge
that crossed the brook
rivaling them with its own rattle
not like I’d thought
but was it as good?
the kids’ excited play
the meeting of friends
the way the crowd followed
into the dark woods
a river of bright jackets
and cheerful expectation
dressed for hope
stepping through the spring mud
the branches pushed aside
the careful steps
at the edge of the stream
whose temptation none accepted
the water’s voice
all of our owl cries
the dark night
and the moon between the trees
two hundred feet
plunder the dusk
but the owl resists us –
our need for conversation –
and somewhere over the tall trees
over the high bank
over the darkening sky
missing our event
he finds his own


Judy Gaudet was born and lives on Prince Edward Island, where she works as a teacher. She has written poetry for a number of years and has been published in various journals such as Quarry, blueSHIFT, CV2, Windsor Review, and Gaspereau Review. Poems have been anthologized in The Poets of Prince Edward Island, Henry's Creature, Landmarks: An Anthology of New Canadian Poetry of the Land, and A Bountiful Harvest: 15 Years of the Island Literary Awards. Her chapbook Poems, You Say was published by Saturday Morning Chapbooks in 2004 and her book, Her Teeth Are Stones by Acorn Press in 2006.