JUN 09

Famous Reporter # 39






                    Doll's Heads

e have  abolished the reviewers
and write more to no one, speak me, me, me
to an x-rayed soul, be they, they, they
to a walled-in sky, pass meekly opaque
in cloud-coloured corridors to high resolution
electric lagoons.
The next ark will be the ark of things:
gutters of the world collect fallen telescopes,
marbles clink in the scum of their orphanhood
doll's heads line lanes still searching for Orpheus.
Songs were once songs
for games gods can skip to.
Once, once, once,
the gods tripped and clapped.


Toby Davidson was born in Perth in 1977 and grew up in the beachside suburb of Cottesloe. In 2002 he moved to Sydney where he co-founded the Citizens of Language readings and began to perform at festivals and with bands. He currently lives in Warrnambool where he is a   lecturer and researcher in Australian literature at Deakin University.