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Famous Reporter # 32




two poems


  Our Mother, the Marshall


Walks up rocky hills with vigour,
upbraids the feckless, helpfully,
walks across valleys with vigour,
taps at her typewriter, briskly,
walks along pavements with vigour,
pauses to chat, impatiently,
walks straight up the beach with vigour,
hoes her mountain, efficiently,
walks over boulders with vigour,
fails to understand her languid daughters, utterly,
rides to her brusque death with vigour.



she’s the predator

yeah she’s the predator flicking her hair shimmying her shoulders her pert tits flashing in those squeezy boob-tubes too tight of course but he fell for it she went after him full-on i’d never go at a bloke like that but it bloody well worked he fell for it big time totally and i mean utterly swallowed the whole damn fishing line metres and metres of it down his foolish throat he was that keen she’s the predator alright but i can’t believe he fell for it like that after all those years together 19 years i thought i knew him well you would after all those years wouldn’t you think you know someone know someone really well after all those years 19 years of marriage i thought i knew what was what about him about all sorts of things thought i knew and then he falls for this this predator in tiny t-shirts and all the come-on techniques you’d think she’d done a course in it how to snag your man and you’d think he’d see through it well you would wouldn’t you he’s no dummy well i thought he was no dummy well he had the smarts to hook up with me but then he just dumps all that like he drops wet towels on the bathroom floor and goes and falls for this glossy young piece and what about the kids what does he think will happen to the kids he’s not getting the kids not letting them go live with the predator not going to make it easy for him no way he’s fallen for her but i’m not falling for any "amicable agreement" bullshit i’m going to fight him on everything he’s fallen for her but i’m not falling for anything not falling apart either wouldn’t give them the satisfaction there’ll be no falling here not now not ever no way never

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