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Currajah (news & notes)

Famous Reporter # 32


                         Crying Girl

brisk-trotting down the bike path
propelling Junior in the pram, keeping close up
against her bloke who's striding it out, steely-jawed
I thought you'd be there, she bawls, loudly, way
past caring that this walker who's drawn level
might eavesdrop. Her late-teens tight-packed fleshy
face is blotched and smeared. She dashes snot &
tears across it with one hand loosed momentarily
from the buggy handle. They belt ahead too fast
for me to hear his answer, save that it's dis-
missive, curt, and I can see he looks straight
ahead, rotating a rollie between his fingers
he won't be there, that seems clear, perhaps just not
today, perhaps not for the wedding, or christening, or never again.
He's a cartoon tough, stays rawhide dry while she dissolves
She's leaking at all the seams but he's a fish's bum
they're coming unstitched by the waters of Tamar
the holey family of Launceston


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