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Currajah (news & notes)

Famous Reporter # 32





                                two poems

      Oral Incorporative

You are so beautiful,
Perfect in form, exquisite in movement
Fine in bone china
I am coarse and unworthy, but my tongue
My tongue slavers and I would lick clean
Your floors, your walls, your ceilings
I would drag my tongue over every part of your home, so that….
So that when you came home and walked inside
You would be…you would be…you would be…
Inside, inside me, inside my mouth and I
Would cover you no matter where you were
With my tongue
I would do this every day, I…
I would be your tongue cleaner baby
And you, you wouldn’t have to pay
I would eat you, I would eat you up
You would become part of me and we, we
We would be together
We would be so beautiful.


       Pandanus Holiday

The pandanus is a voyeur as it clings to the cliff
Watching the dramas of life
It's obsessionally rooted as it cranes its neck
Trying to catch a glimpse
A friend casually mentions as we stroll by
Of its multiple priapussed foot
And its seed head so swollen, unbelievably large
The headdress of grey olive swords
I would if I could send you one in a box
That when opened would magically transform
Your room to the coast where it clings
On the cliff by the ocean, the sand and the rock
This marginal tree, this cactus on stilts
From the box would unpack my love
Sunshine would warm you and colour your skin
Wheeling sea birds cry out from above
This solitary tree would then capture you
In its multiple priapussed grip
Then into the box and back to the cliff
By the beach in whose warm sands I sit
The pandanus is a voyeur as it clings to the cliff
Watching the dramas of life
And I’m hanging on by the rocks and the shore
To our love, pandanusly tight.



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